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After practicing as a public defender in North Georgia, Grace left courtroom litigation in search of more systemic impact.

Grace has since charted a steady path through public relations, field organizing, nonprofit fundraising and communications, candidate training and recruitment, and electoral and legislative advocacy. 


Grace grew up the oldest daughter of Nigerian immigrants in Marietta, GA, an upbringing she credits her commitment to service. 

Grace is a proud resident of Atlanta, GA where she lives with her 85 lb. canine companion, Colonel Sanders. 

Grace Akan, Esq.
Grace + Grit Lab

Grace Akan (LinkedIn)


  When preparing to run for office I needed to learn foundational strategies quickly to jumpstart my campaign. Grace offered the resources and support needed to help me build a successful campaign framework. Always responsive, knowledgeable, and professional, I only have good things to say about her thoughtful approach towards serving her clients.


- Nikki Merritt

Georgia State Senator

District 9



I attended Grace's candidate training before running for office. Grace was engaging and thorough. Her positive energy and passion motivated all of us in the class. Most consultants have no idea about the cultural and political dynamics of rural regions. Grace gets it!

- Treva Gear


Georgia State Senate Candidate

District 8



   I've had the pleasure to work with Grace in a capacity where she helped us raise engagement by 221%. 
She is intelligent, organized, and effective ... and fiercely dedicated to the job at hand. Her experience as an attorney and as political organizer, campaign consultant, and lobbyist uniquely qualify her for an organization's political and consumer engagement programs. I highly recommend Grace.


- Joe Fleming
Chief Lobbyist
Georgia Association of Educators



  There are few political consultants whom I trust wholeheartedly, Grace is one of them. Her insight and skillset allow her to address all the parts of the puzzle that are required to launch an effective political campaign. We met in the context of her helping new candidates craft their messaging. We also had the opportunity to work together this past year on public education legislation. I have appreciated her vision in both spaces.


- Rebecca Mitchell

Georgia State House Representative

District 106




I've worked with Grace for several years, and I trust Grace to effectively and energetically advocate for a movement, an issue, or a candidate. I've seen her influence decision makers from the halls of the Capitol to coffee shops and street corners. Grace will take on an issue and add her personal approach to achieve the desired results.


- David Dreyer

Georgia State House Representative

District 59



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