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Eighty million Americans (one-third of the voting population) did not vote in the 2020 elections despite record turnout. 

NPR commissioned an Ipsos poll that surveyed nonvoters' reasons for not voting. Here's the breakdown:

  • not being registered to vote (29%)

  • not being interested in politics (23%)

  • not liking the candidates (20%)

  • a feeling their vote wouldn't have made a difference (16%)

  • being undecided on whom to vote for (10%)

Long live the important work of nonprofits and community groups to register voters. They are essential to our democracy.


But what about the remaining reasons people don't vote, which account for 69 percent?! What if we re-imagined ways to address voter apathy? 


In the Grit Lab, we pioneer formulas that organically capture your base and those who are typically not engaged. We embrace grassroots organizing principles. We are intentional about quality assurance. Our goal is to turn "projects" into productions that motivate the masses into movement. 

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