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Outreach + Engagement

Before starting a community outreach or engagement effort, your goals must be clear and your data solid. Do you have buy-in from the community you're looking to mobilize? What are you doing to ensure that every diverse voice will be heard and acknowledged?


Grace + Grit Lab partners with public and private sector clients to draw community stakeholders into important conversations. We help you generate excitement and action!

​Issue Advocacy Campaigns    Government Relations      Town Halls 
Landscape Assessments        Grant Procurement           Canvass Training  
Outreach + Engagement

Public Relations + Branding

Transformational leadership and values based communication are intrinsically linked. That's why your brand is more than just your logo. It's the feeling people get when they see your logo. Does your brand convey trustworthiness? Are you communicating your values clearly and consistently?


To enhance your reputation within the public sphere,

Grace + Grit Lab starts by identifying potential communication "gaps" that must be eliminated. From there, we'll prepare original formulas that amplify your reach.

Personal Narrative Development                      Brand Design          
Image Consulting            Media Training          Media Placement 
Public Relations + Branding

Electoral Campaign

Everyday middle class and working people with a calling to serve their communities should be able to run for office. How else can voters have a meaningful choice at the ballot box?


Grace + Grit Lab empowers authentic, grassroots leaders to confidently launch a successful political campaign. Whether you're a first-time, second-time, or "further down the line" candidate, Grace + Grit Lab works with you to harness your leadership talent and connect you with customized resources that effectively spread your message to voters.

Campaign Consulting                    Candidate Training (LAB)
Staffer Training  + Recruitment    Campaign Incorporation             
Electoral Campaigns
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